Let’s Try This Again…

This is actually my second blog named “Optimism and Caffeine”.  The first one kept having technical issues, and I gave up.

So, first things first, my name is Cara.  I am 26, a barista, a mom, a wife, a psych major (online schooling), a fabulous cook, overly sentimental, slightly defective, avid reader, Doctor Who fanatic, sleep lover, and a bit quirky.  I wish my apartment smelled like Earl Grey tea because I feel like my life would be more complete if my apartment smelled like Patrick Stewart.  I have no proof that this is actually how he smells, but my imagination is enough.  I want to grow up to be either a mermaid or a Spice Girl.  Also, I wish I had a hidey hole….

I have some anxiety, depression, and stomach issues.  I’ve made a ton of mistakes and still continue to make missteps in every aspect of my life.  I try to get through everyday with a healthy dose of optimism followed by a larger dose of caffeine, usually chugging espresso shots at my place of employment or making my own espresso at home.

I’ve recently decided to quit drinking.  I ramble a lot (I warned you!).  My inspirations are Hyperbole and a Half and The Bloggess.  If my everyday struggles, strangeness, triumphs, and silliness can help somebody else, it is worth it.

My goal for this blog? It is an outlet for me.  My mind never slows down.  Sometimes, I just need to write, and I have failed over and over at keeping a journal.  There will be serious posts, funny posts, random posts, recipe posts, rambling posts, and even just life update posts.

Obviously, there is a lot more going on in my life than mentioned here, but it is the gist of my existence. 

So, for more background info: http://optimismandcaffeine.blogspot.com/

That will link you to my last blog as well as the blog I had going through my wedding.  I hope that this works better 🙂 

Also, I am going to post another blog as soon as I post this one because I want to post about Valentine’s Day… ❤


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