Yeah, that is how I feel.  I feel bleh.  I mean, there are probably more eloquent ways to describe it, but eloquence at this point takes too much energy.

Basically, I have jury duty tomorrow, and endoscopy (I think I spelled that wrong)/colonoscopy on Tuesday, work on Thursday and Friday, a birthday dinner for my daughter Friday night out at my aunt and uncle’s place, a “re-do my kid’s room to surprise her party” on Saturday, work Sunday and Monday, and have plans to go out with my sister, husband, and daughter to Chuck E. Cheese’s Monday night. All of this while I am not able to keep any solid food down.  If I can’t get out of jury duty tomorrow for the rest of week (because I’ve already been denied postponement), then I have to take the fine because I refuse to miss my procedures on Tuesday.  Oh, and I have a final essay due tomorrow and my apartment is trashed.  Let us not forget that half of the furniture that we need for Saturday is going to be late and I am going to have to schedule a second day to put the rest of it together.  And because I was supposed to have Friday off of work (but I don’t because I normally work Fridays and there is nobody to pick my shift up), I will be cooking all night Thursday night in order to have dinner ready to go and clean my aunt and uncle’s place on Friday.

Also, Saturday morning I will be packing up her room because I don’t think I am going to have time to do it before then. 

I am overwhelmed, tired, and weak.  There is this tightness in my chest that is not going away.  Oh, and damn it, I have to order her cake and cupcakes for the two parties and for her to bring to school on her birthday.  So, that is one big cake, one small cake, and two batches of cupcakes.  And order the pizza for Saturday night.  *deep breath*

I suppose, this is what it means to be an adult.  I am insanely excited to surprise her and to spend time with my family and a friend from out of town who is coming in just for this, but I am also anxious.  I am going to push myself to my limits for this week.  Out of my comfort zone. 

I can do this and I will do this, probably while psyching myself up through Spice Girl music and noodles.  Noodles are my weakness. 

I will probably also make my husband do dishes and feed my kid convenience food while I execute the plans for her parties.  She’ll live. 

I resolve to take a very long nap after this is all over. 


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