Last Option? Stomach Exorcism

Well, I got an endoscopy/colonoscopy today.  This, after weeks of continuous throwing up was a glimmer of hope of figuring out what was going on in my body.  It has been an ongoing problem for years.

On the way to the hospital, I decided to give the constant growling and odd gurgling noises coming from my stomach fun story.  I decided that I obviously had a demon in my stomach that was telling me to sacrifice a goat in order to please its master.  I told hubby that we needed to find a goat and explained my obviously precariously situation.  He didn’t believe me and I rambled on about secret Vatican medical facilities that remove demons from human organs (secret, it is obviously is separate from regular medical facilities within the Vatican that put casts on and deal with the flu….).  He told me that if the scopes found a demon that I should rely on science, not the Vatican to extricate the demon.  I argued that science doesn’t even believe in demons, let alone kill them.  The conversation continued and ended up in a place that I cannot even explain.  It involved cancer as an example and the fact that if religion has known about all of these demons occupying stomachs, they should be educating the public about involuntary bulimic causing demons.

Well, we didn’t figure out what is going on, yet.  The didn’t find a demon.  The little sneaky thing hid somewhere very clever because my stomach is still making noises that sound like they originated from the place down under (I don’t mean Australia).

So, while my stomach is trying to follow its overlord, I will continue to throw up and try to ignore instructions that involve animal sacrifices.

Wish me luck.

P.S.  I do have more tests scheduled.  Real medical tests.  Hopefully soon….

Anybody have any fun demon-occupied organ stories?


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