Slooowwwing Down

Oh my.  It was such a crazy weekend.  I barely survived.  Anxiety attacks, running around, lots of people, work, a mile-long to-do list, still sick, and high expectations of how I wanted my baby girl’s fourth birthday weekend to go.

It was all worth it.  While we did not accomplish everything we set out to do (the actual bed is still not delivered) and I had a few bad moments, Whimzy was happy.  That, in the end, is all that matters.  She got to spend a whole extra night with Mommy AND Daddy and learned how to play Super Mario after a dinner at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  She slept for the first full night on her new, bigger mattress, and she has lots of new things to play with and a reorganized room to play in. 

Now, I have the night off and tomorrow off of work.  Whimzy has the rest of the week off school.  We are going to slow it down, read some books, play some more Super Mario, eat some noodles, and sit around in fuzzy pj’s.  It is going to be a welcome respite from the speed of light running around that has been going on for the past few weeks. 

Oh, and an update on my stomach demons: driving down the road the other day with a friend, we saw what looked like a giant bag of chicken parts (de-feathered and all of that) exploded all over the side of the road.  I, without missing a beat, told her that my stomach demon had nothing to do with that because there was no way that I am that good at butchering chickens, especially if I am unconscious.  Still have no idea why there were random chicken parts on the road, but I refuse to take any blame for their presence. 

Plus, we just bought a Wii U.  We thought about an Xbox 1, but since Ty doesn’t have time for hardcore gaming anymore and we wanted something we could all play, we went with Wii U.  I have never been this excited about a gaming system before.   It is like having a Wii, Super Nintendo, and GameBoy all in one!  The Super Mario game is like a combination of all of the old Nintendo Mario games with better graphics.  It is right at my level of gaming.  Now, if we could just get an old-school pokemon game….


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