Playing House

A lot of the time I feel like a little kid pretending to be an adult who knows what is going on.

I feel like I’m playing a very complicated version of house with a real apartment and a real child and an actual husband.

It is like I am making the rules up as I go along and doing the best I can.  Then, I find myself doing things that never would have occurred to my child self in the playskool kitchen that was in my basement as a kid.

Here is a list of things that I have worried about, accomplished, or put on my to-do list lately that confirm that I am, in fact, an adult, and not just pretending:

  • Cleaning out my silverware drawer and the divider.
  • Going through the freezer and actually throwing out popsicles.
  • Scrubbing out the inside of the dishwasher (WAIT!  It washes dishes!  How could it be dirty? That seems rude).
  • Organizing my Tupperware shelf.
  • Worrying about what adult appliance I am going to have to put in storage to accommodate my daughter’s Easy Bake Oven.
  • Debating the pros of spending a nice chunk of change on new drapery rods.
  • Loving and planning on buying more vacuum shrinky bag things (you know, the ones that you put a bunch of stuff in, then suck the air out and they shrink!  They maximize my storage space….)
  • Buying real make up.  I know, a lot of teenagers do that, but I never have.  I have always stuck with CoverGirl, the brushes that come with the make up and minimum upkeep of said makeup.  I now have a counter organizer, a decent set of brushes, and have actual, real make-up. 
  • Having extra plastic storage boxes.  Since moving into our current apartment, I have sporadically bought plastic boxes to replace the cardboard ones in our storage space in the basement.  I now have all but two boxes switched to plastic and have 3 extra boxes up in my apartment right now that need to be switched around.  They are all labeled, gone through, and are organized. 
  • I have bought books that are outside my comfort zone and are not all fantasy.  In fact, as way to try to communicate with my Jagee, who has a form of Dementia, I bought a book on the Korean War.  Despite the fact I grew up hearing stories about it because he served in it, I know very little about the actual politics and what really happened.
  • Actually liking how my apartment smells and spending money on products that will actually make my apartment smell good.  Not cheap carpet powders and candles, but sachets and all sorts of fun things! 

For the most part, I realize this in random spurts that I feel very grown-up and then laugh at myself because I am grown up.  It still just shocks me sometimes.

Anybody else have something that they do or have to do that is completely and totally adult-lame?


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