The Only Nice Room In the Place…Currently

I have spent the last 3-ish weeks preparing to have my daughter’s bedroom redone and re-doing it.  This does not include the research on furniture and all of that jazz.

Well, her room looks amazing.  I’m jealous, actually.  She has a middle-height loft bed with a dresser, hidey-hole, shelving, and more storage under it.  Not to mention, it has a little shelf thing up by the mattress that is currently holding her favorite books and stuffed animals.  In her hidey-hole (which I am the most jealous of), she has her mini-pullout couch, a storage ottoman, and storage for pillows and other fun stuff.  All of the colors are bright, everything is pretty much organized, and she has double drapery curtains, which means she has awesome lilac colored dark out curtains and bright pink sheer curtains under.  When the sun is shining in, it looks like her room has a special pink sun shining in it.   She also has special areas for her play kitchen, her pony sets, her baby set, and her table set.  I, finally for a peace of mind, have organized and put away from her reach all of the fun art stuff that she can’t be left alone with for more than 10 seconds up in her closet.  Her clothes are also better organized, and her wardrobe makes me drool.  She has light up cowgirl boots and a Little Mermaid dress that involves a purple, sparkly tutu…  I mean, we still have some finishing touches.  Her walls are pretty much still bare, and she needs curtains to hang over her hidey-hole, but for the most part it is finished.

Now, for the rest of my home….

It looks like a homeless person is squatting or a bad episode of hoarders.  Problem #1: Not only did we re-do her bedroom, but the neighbors upstairs moved out, so the dumpster is full.  We have giant cardboard boxes and bags of garbage from re-doing her room and providing food and drinks to the people who helped.  Problem #2:  Until that is taken care of, it is difficult to clean the rest, including a pile of randomness that has accumulated in my living room, and the ridiculous pile of laundry in my bedroom.  Problem #3: Despite the fact that I had curtain rods and curtains for at least a month before Whimzy did, mine are still not up. My bedroom still has bare blinds.  I hate it.  Especially with my pretty curtains staring me in the face in their brand new packages every time I walk into the disaster zone that is my bedroom.

I should be doing dishes, or laundry, or just about anything right now.  The problem is?  It looks so damn overwhelming.  I need some crazy motivation.  Since I am drinking straight Kava tea, all I have is the tingles and a daydreaming problem.  Thank God for Kava.  Btw, if you live in the area, there is used bookstore/tea shop called Noveltea that I HIGHLY recommend.  Cheap books, awesome atmosphere, perfect staff, and an awesome selection of tea.  They convinced me to take the step to go from commercial bagged tea to loose leaf tea, and oh, man, I can definitely feel the difference. More expensive, but most definitely worth it.  Plus, they let me trade in my old books for credit on new-ish ones!  And trust me, I go through a lot of books that I don’t feel like keeping.

Later, virtual world.  I am going to play some Super Mario and feel tingly.

P.S. I am keeping up on my book goal for the year!  YAY ME!


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