I Am….

Thanks to my wonderful health, I got a bit off track for my poem posts.  Well, that is one thing that has gotten off track.  We are not going to discuss the rest of the things that have gotten off track. Not right now at least. 

So, the second poem that I found that is easy to re-write is a poem called “I Am”.  It is pretty self-explanatory and I hope that you enjoy it!


I am the smell of chlorine and lilacs.

I am Momdy, Mommy, and MOOMM!

I am a passive-aggressive lover.

I am his perfect match.

I am a masterpiece in progress.

I am those moments that make me forget how it feels to be sad.

I am those books that line my bookshelves.

I am the people that surround me.

I am big words.

I am impulsive.

I am most comfortable when I feel snuggly.

I am daydreams and nightmares.

I am colorful and all shades of shadows.

I am complex.


I tried not to let my insecurities and other issues color this poem too much.  I wanted to focus on the positive and the contradictions that I am made up of.  

I am probably not going to be doing poems like this often, unless something inspires me to be poetic, but honestly, I’m usually too lazy or tired to be poetic, so just be glad I have spellcheck 😉

Now, it is time for me to crash and read.  Being sick is taking so much out of me.  I could see myself sleeping for the next 48 hours.  I won’t, because I can’t, but it would be possible given the opportunity.  Now, anybody want to give me the opportunity?


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