My little girl has a new favorite show, Caillou.  I understand why she likes it, but it drives me nuts.    Caillou’s parents make me feel completely inadequate as a parent.

Example #1:  His parents are almost ALWAYS awake and productive way before the kids are. My kid wakes me up.  Or her Dad, who ever’s turn it is to get up with her.  She is awake with the sun and there is no way that either of us have the energy to try and get up before her.  Heck, half the time we throw a movie on and let her snuggle us while we nap in the morning.  If I have gotten up with her, it means I was up late doing homework or catching up on my book goal.  If her Dad is getting up with her, there is a pretty good chance he didn’t get home from work until at least 2am and then woke up with her at 6am.  Starting an ice rink before she wakes up?  Not happening.

Example #2:  I have NEVER seen either of his parents have a mental breakdown, get irrationally mad, or even get close to the end of their rope.  Ty and I take turns going crazy.  He gets crabby, I calm him down, order pizza, and hand him the controller to play video games.  I get emotional and he gently steers me towards the bathroom and lets me take a nap after I take a bath or binge out on buttered noodles.  At some point in either of these processes our little “angel” either A) actually did something wrong that drove us crazy and seriously made us understand how some animals eat their young, or B) was an innocent bystander of our bad day and we couldn’t handle her “kidness” while we were already in a bad mood. 

Example #3:  Where are all of the crumbs and messes?  My decorating accents are “random crumbs” and “miscellaneous toys”.  I try to make things look nice, and once in awhile when I know we are having company, it manages look like adults run my apartment, not the kid.  The rest of the time? Peter Pan’s lost boys would feel right at home here.  I am working on organization and hopefully once I am 100% after my plague I will finish all of my projects. Then, maybe, my apartment won’t look like Toys R Us blew up in it, then a giant tried to Shake and Bake our furniture.

Well, I am going to continue my seemingly inadequate parenting and hope that she doesn’t get unrealistic expectations of us based on her TV shows.  Even is she does, I am going to point out to her that Caillou cleans his own room…. 


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