On The Bright Side

I could be focusing on the insanely full sink of dirty dishes, or how much laundry I have to do, or how much cleaning I am going to have to do this weekend, or how I really should be taking notes for school right now, or how I have to work on the only two days that the hubby has off, or how difficult things are becoming with my mom.

I’m not going to.

Instead, I am going to list my happy things.

  • I get to sleep in tomorrow.
  • I have an awesome family meal ready to go in the slow cooker.
  • I am going to dye my hair tonight.
  • Including this class, I only have 5 classes left until I have my bachelor’s.
  • Whimzy was extremely cuddly tonight.
  • I have an awesome Piers Anthony book awaiting me.
  • I made some great decisions today.
  • I have a breakfast/book type date with one of my best friends for her birthday next week.
  • I have another book sale to go to on Saturday.
  • The flowers Whimzy and I planted are starting to grow.
  • I got to talk to my Dad tonight and we are going to be making plans to get together soon, plus his surgery went well.

Sometimes, despite the overwhelming negative things I perceive in my life, I feel a deep contentment with life.  Like I do tonight.  I could not be any luckier.  I know I have my issues, and I know I have my downtimes, even when I feel good I sometimes feel bad (if you get what that means, then you are reading the right blog!), but I am going to get better, I am going to get those dishes done, and I am going to enjoy my book.  I just have to remember that, sometimes, all that matters is that one moment that you are currently in.  And this moment feels pretty nice.


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