Long Time, No See

I know, I haven’t written in a lil bit.  Life has been absolutely insanely busy. 

I have found some things to look forward to almost every day, though, and I have decided that it is these silly little things that make me willing to get out of bed.

Oh, before I get all sentimental, Amazon has possibly just made it even easier for me to become a hermit.  45 lbs. of grocery/general items for $5.99 shipping with Amazon Prime.  That means I could order groceries online and not pay a million dollars for a roll of toilet paper and have it shipped to my door so that the only person I have to deal with is the nice UPS driver who already knows my name and that my kid wears Super Girl underwear, because she showed him a few weeks ago.  Yeah…that is how much I order from Amazon.

I digress.  So, my small things that I look forward to everyday?  Well, I bought a nifty “Dysfunctional” journal.  It basically has a big quote about being crazy or whatnot every other page and helps me to embrace my, shall we call them, “quirks”.  I also bought another journal (I felt really introspective one day on Barnes & Noble.com).  This one asks one question and has a space for me and hubby to answer.  It has a question for every day of the year and has room for 3 years so that we can see how we have grown and changed over time.  Also, I have found out the awesomeness of taking videos with a 4 year old.  I will probably post one soon.  Once we take a video where I don’t look like a depressed hobo singing Disney songs with a small child, you will all definitely get to see it.

And, guess what?!? I have the next 3 days off and am about 4 books behind on my reading challenge!  I will give you one chance to tell me what you think I am doing this weekend. 

WHAT!?  Definitely not that!  You should probably keep those types of thoughts to yourself.  I will be fiendishly reading and yelling at people for interrupting me. 

So, good night virtual world, it is time for me to dive into a book and write (like, with a real pen!  Probably a pink one) about how dysfunctional I am in a journal.


What do you look forward to everyday?  Also, how appealing does getting groceries shipped from Amazon sound to you?  Be honest…or if it sounds unappealing, go look up pictures of people at Walmart and get back to me. 😉 



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