Things My Life Is Teaching Me

I’m working on getting myself activated as my mom’s power of attorney (POA)…..still….

During all of this, I have been thinking about what the experiences with my mom have been teaching me.  Here is what I have concluded.

  • Persistence.  I have had to call more than I should have, but I am finally starting to get results.  I did this without confrontation, which has made it easier on my anxiety.
  • Patience.  It is taking forever, with a bunch of road blocks, but it looks like a straightaway from here…well, at least for the POA part. 
  • Importance of the company I keep.  Not only has my husband been wonderfully supportive, but I am surrounded by people who are willing to help and just listen to me rant about the whole thing.  My long time best friend who has extensive experience in nursing homes came to see my mom with me and pointed out things that I should be concerned/mad about, helped me set it up so that I could tell if my mom was being taken care of, and offered me a ton of advice.  She took time out of her day to come sit with me and help me.  It was a huge help, and my mom was so happy to see her.  Hubby’s friend picked him up from my mom’s place today and took him to work so I could stay with my mom and keep the car (Side note:  I really cannot wait until we get the second car).  Without the wonderful people in my life, I would have given up already.  These were just two specific examples, but there are many more of my amazing friends just being great and overall epic.

There are probably a million more little lessons I have learned (like what I need to pack to keep Whimzy busy for the hours she needs to endure being in a single room within a nursing home), but I think those are the biggest ones right now.  I’m sure as this journey continues I will learn more about life and myself.


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