Lucky, Lucky

Today is my birthday! 

And to tell you the truth, it was one of my best birthdays ever.

I woke up to my daughter telling me happy birthday and giving me hugs.

I also got to sleep in an extra day because my hubby loves me 😉

Then, I came out to the kitchen and found 2 bouquets of flowers (he couldn’t decide on just one), gift cards to go out to dinner and go shopping, a Little Mermaid double-pack with the prequel and the second movie, and my favorite candy.  Then, hubby took me out for breakfast and we went shopping at a local antique store/consignment shop/art gallery/café and he surprised me by buying me this huge, aqua, glass vase that I fell in love with immediately. 

Then I got to go shopping with my baby girl, book shopping and home décor shopping. I got to go out to dinner with one of my best friends and her daughter.  Not only did she pay for the rest of the meal after my gift card was used, she also bought me the cutest little owl purse.  ❤

And to top it all off, my other half (not the hubby, the other soul mate), stopped by and gave me presents and decided that she is going to bake me a cake for my birthday party. 

Oh, and my uncle surprised me by stalking me around as I checked into the various places to give me a hug.  It was cute, not creepy stalking 😉

Oh, and because of all of the gift cards from hubby, I only spent about $14 today. 

I am an incredibly lucky woman, to have such amazing friends and family.  I can’t wait to continue the celebration this weekend!  It almost makes my heart hurt (in a good way) how much I appreciate and love the people in my life.  The one downside?  My sis wasn’t working, so I couldn’t ask to sit in her section at the restaurant and tip her a ridiculous amount (which is what she does when she comes by my work).  I actually didn’t get to see her at all today 😥  Oh, and hubby had to work, but that means I got to spend some time with my ladies, so I guess it evened out. 

Gah!  I really want to cry.  I am so lucky.  I know that this is a rambling post, but I am just so overwhelmed with appreciation and love right now.


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