One Year Later….

I turned a year older last week.

It was one of the best birthdays I have ever had and I am amazed every, single time, I feel that happy.

Since one of my goals this year is to continue growing as a person, in every role that I hold, I decided to make a list of ways that I have grown, perspectives that have changed, and overall differences in my life and thought processes since my birthday of ’13.  I was amazed once I sat down to brainstorm, how much I have actually changed and how much random other things in my life have changed. 

*  I have held down a job for longer than I ever have. Last year, I would have not thought I was capable of it.

* I have weeded out my friend/acquaintance circle and I have come to realize (even more than I did before), how lucky I am to have chosen such awesome friends and that they love me despite myself. 

*I have become more open when it comes to reading.  I have been reading more and more books that are outside my normal realm of chosen books.

*I am losing weight, without any crazy methods.  Simple exercise and moderation (most of the time).  I am actually starting to not hate exercising and I am starting to really enjoy the day after a workout and I can feel the soreness that proves I am getting stronger.

*I’ve become more practical.  Instead of buying a fuzzy, aqua rug that would have been awesome in my bedroom, I decided to buy a shelf/hamper thing that was decidedly more useful.

*I have become more appreciative of the small things in life.  The little moments that I want to etch into my mind forever. 

*I have actually succeeded in keeping a journal.


Things just keep getting better!


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