About Me?

I recently deleted my facebook account and started a new one. 

It asked me about myself and I realized how much I had changed since I had filled it out the first time I started my account.  It took me awhile, and I still haven’t filled it out.  I decided to try some ideas out on here first.

About Me

*Binging on noodles is my favorite self-destructive behavior.

*My favorite smells are lilac, baking bread, freshly mown grass, and bergamot.

*I derive an enormous amount of pleasure from decorating my apartment.

*I am a helpless romantic.

*I am at least slightly defective.

*My one real talent is the ability to read quickly and comprehend it.

*Going into psychology may have been a way to figure myself out.

*If I could, I would become a lifetime student/scholar and hold various degrees in obscure areas.

*Becoming a hermit scholar alpaca farmer is sometimes the most tempting idea I have ever had.

*I wish I could swim more.

*I am insecure, but will gladly tell you that I love my boobs and eyes.

*Cooking is like art to me.  It comforts me and helps me express myself.

*Any time I am looking for a general product and I find a brand that uses the word “mermaid” in the description, I am almost guaranteed to buy that one, even if it is more expensive.

*It scares me that I may be getting too old to pull off the bright eyeshadow with glitter look.

*There are a couple authors that I would willingly lose a limb to become friends with.

*I am terribly uncoordinated.

*I would like to think that people think of me as quirky, and not weird. 

*I have a lot on my plate, and sometimes I decide to take a nap or read a book instead of dealing with it all.

*Hopefully, within the next decade (I’m giving myself some extra time), I will be Dr. Cara Christensen, PsyD.

*The more pillows in my life, the happier I am.

*I am an impulsive shopper.  It gives me joy.

*The future scares me sometimes.

*I am scared of thunder, heights, and various natural disasters that will wipe my life clean.



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