Already One Year

*Disclaimer: I just got done with a presentation for school that made me sum up my knowledge and opinions on the whole of psychology. So, I have a major headache and eloquence for this may be a bit off, despite my jotting down ideas and thinking about this post all day.

You have been warned.

Today is my one year wedding anniversary of being married to Ty.

We met 6 years, 5 months, and 18 days ago.

We made it official 5 years, 4 months, and 25 days ago.

We had a child together 4 years, 2 months, and 2 days ago.

I have learned so much from him, and from this relationship.

I have grown because of him and his never-ending support.

His strength, humor, stubbornness, and unconditional love have gotten me through so much.

We have been through a lot.  Some of it was terrible, but most of it was imperfectly perfect.

We have managed to come out of every negative situation growing together, not apart.

Even when we repeat the same mistakes (mostly me), or have the same problems individually over and over, we have stayed together.

I have learned to laugh more, and laugh more sincerely. 

I have learned to trust in his love.  He said forever, no matter what, and I am finally starting to understand what he meant.

I have learned that I am lovable, despite years of other people telling me the same thing.  It means more coming from him.

I have learned absolute forgiveness, both giving and accepting.

I have learned the importance of being silly, even when I don’t think I can be.

I have learned to be more selective about the company I keep.

I have learned how to push myself forward.

I have learned patience, trust, and that a real relationship takes a conscious effort to work.

Him and his love have taught me all of this.

I am stronger, funnier, more likely to exercise, more likely to put myself out there with potential failure, happier….

all because of him.

If I have learned this much from being with him in this amount of time, I cannot wait to continue this amazing thing we have.

This weekend, when we actually get to celebrate as a couple, I am going to dance with him in the middle of parking lots.  I am going to play footsie with him under the table.  I am going to make out with him in the movies like we are teenagers.  I am going to touch him as much as possible.  I am going to enjoy every second of celebrating our relationship.  I am going to get all prettied up with my new dress and shoes, to be perfect as I can be for him.  I am going to shower him with every ounce of love that I have.  I am going to giggle and blush.  I am going to feel butterflies.  I am going to let him open doors for me, and hold onto him for balance because of the ridiculous shoes I bought.  I am going to take a million pictures.  I am going to enjoy being in this imperfect relationship.

Because, despite everything that we have gone through, we are still madly in love.  He still takes my breath away when he kisses me.  He still forgives me when I push my “self destruct” button.  I still consider him the best thing that has ever happened to me.  So, no matter what, hell or high waters, there is going to be an anniversary for us until both of us are gone. 

Thank you, Ty, for putting up with me, for making me feel beautiful, for forgiving me for everything I have ever done, for being such an amazing dad, for wearing a pink belt, for supporting me, for loving my friends almost as much as I do, for helping me become a better person, for making me laugh, for all of our inside jokes, for taking care of me and Whimzy, for everything.

On a lighter note:

I still love you despite your weird fear of whales, the way you eat spaghetti, the fact that a to-do list takes FOREVER to get done, you eat things I got to make a recipe with, staying at Kwik Trip til the wee hours of the morning with Keith, for making me your beard when you are at Kwik Trip with Keith, you snore really loud sometimes, you close my wonderful open windows when you come home, and even though you almost tried naming our baby Draco if it was a boy. 

I know this was rambly, but I just feel SO~> much when it comes to him.  It is sometimes hard to organize and make it understandable for other people. 

Thank you, Ty, for a wonderful year. I am excited for the next 99999999999999999999 years.  Yes, that is a lot of years, but it is okay, because we are going to figure out time travel sometime soon and then we are going to discover Big Foot.  See?  Inside jokes.  Gotta love ’em.


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