Small Steps…

I am down about 20-ish lbs. 

I had an awkward stand-off between my love of food, hatred of exercise, and my obvious fatty fat.

Well, I decided that I really needed to do something.  I felt terrible about myself.   I didn’t feel sexy and it was making my depression and anxiety worse.

So I’ve been taking small steps towards becoming healthier.  Losing weight is part of it, but making myself more able to keep up with my daughter, help with my issues, and give myself an overall perspective on food and exercise overhaul were the bigger problems I wanted to work on.  The weight is just the quantifiable way of measuring my success. 

I feel absolutely wonderful about it; people are noticing, I am down 2 pant sizes, I am wearing some of my “skinny shirts”, and my BMI is steadily declining.  I also am choosing to walk places, take the stairs, and park further out in the parking lot. 

So, I am just going to throw down a few of the things that have worked for me in my weight loss journey so far and hope they help somebody else!  Keep in mind, I am not a professional, have not sought professional advice, and this is just what works for me, so take my advice with a grain of salt!

*My Wii U.   It was a bit of an investment, but totally worth it.  I use it to monitor my weight, to exercise, to monitor my steps each day, and to set goals for myself.  It really helps watching that “weight” line go down.

*Small goals.  I am only trying to lose about 5 lbs. every two weeks.  I haven’t made it every time, but I’ve been losing about 4-ish lbs. every two weeks on average.  I can deal with that 😉  I also only push myself to work out about 3 hours a week, outside of my normal activities.  Between work and running around with Whimzy, I seem to be doing okay.

*Take out boxes.  (Just learned this one yesterday!)  If I go out, I get a take-out box right away and put half of my entrée in it.  That way I won’t overeat.  This tip was from my sis-in-law 🙂 

*Moderation.  I know, this is all over the place.  I am sticking to the 80/20 rule, though. 80% of what I eat needs to be healthy and I can splurge 20% of the time.  I choose lower calorie version of some things, and enjoy the things that I absolutely cannot make myself “skinny down”.  I also let myself eat what I want sometimes.  I also keep the unhealthy things in small portions.

*Fillers.  Mornings that I work, I eat an Odwalla, Luna, or Kashi protein bar with my meds.  It helps keep me full, gives me energy, and gets me through until after work.  I also keep snack packs in my fridge (store bought for now) that range from veggie assortments to meat, cheese, and almond packs.  They keep me full and help me from binging or eating something I shouldn’t.  I also put fiber powder in almost everything for dinners.  Helps me feel full 🙂

*WATER!  I drink a ton!  I am not sure how much, but I constantly have a glass or bottle of water laying around ready for me drink it. I do the fruit in the water once in awhile, but mostly just water.  I will reward myself for good behavior by letting myself have a can of Mountain Dew and I have switched to no sugar, skim lattes at work! I also have been drinking Almond milk instead of regular milk.  I actually just like it better.

So, this is just coming from a chick who has lost a little bit of weight, but is really feeling the results!  It is going to take a bit to get down to my end goal weight, but I think it will be worth it! I will do my best not to make this blog about weight loss too much, but I probably will mention milestones as I hit them!  I am about 13 lbs. away from a major one for me! 

Also, I have some awesome recipes/pictures coming up and a link to my #100happydays pictures!  Google it!  It is an awesome program that will help you find the happiness in life.  I also swear I will be writing more and it will be funnier again.  I’m getting my mojo back! 

Plus, go check out my goodreads!  I have been reading some AWESOME books lately. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I hope your Monday freaking rocks!  If it doesn’t, just drink some caffeine and fake it!



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