Sober Weekends

Interesting for any addicts!

One Moment

Until recently, my weekends revolved around errands, housework, social obligations, and waiting until night time, or at least evening, to start drinking.   Unfortunately, this meant that I forgot a lot of my nights and wasted half of the next day.  I was lucky if 5% of the time I actually woke up and remembered that I had a good time, even if I didn’t remember the details.

Now, I’m sober.  That evening drink (or most likely shot) is no longer.  The hangovers and blackouts are gone, too.  So are the late night text messages to questionable acquaintances, blow out fights with my husband, morning anxiety, and carb binging.

The last two weekends have been amazing.  We have had family time, romantic time, personal time, and even productive time.  We, as a family, have gotten more done.  I, personally, feel a whole ton better.  I am not wasting time on something…

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