Twitter, Dave the Spider, and Whimzy

I am feeling pretty down right now, but since I had this awesome post planned, I figured I would post and hope that it helps raise my spirits a bit.

When Ty and I moved into our apartment when Whimzy was barely walking, there was always a spider on the ceiling.  He never came down from the ceiling and we deemed him to be good enough to be our protector against mosquitos.  We named him Dave and his generations of progeny since then have lived freely on our ceilings.

Well, Whimzy has started noticing Dave (every spider on the ceiling is Dave).  A few nights ago, he had migrated to her room, sitting once again, on the ceiling.  We have been explaining why we let Dave stay to Whimzy when she asked.  We told her of his important duty of mosquito hunter and how he had never bothered us.  Well, she didn’t want to sleep alone on this particular night and was coming up with a litany of reasons she shouldn’t go to bed.  The first one being that she was scared.  I reminded her that there were no monsters and that her stuffed animals were there to help keep her company.  She then asked about Dave, who was innocently sitting on her ceiling.  I told her that he had watched her grow up and was protecting her because he knew she was scared.  She exclaimed in her little Whimzy voice that “He is so cute!  He is our pet!  Can I hug him?  Can he sleep in my bed with me?”.  I giggled inwardly and told her that he could see her from higher up and that he would be squished if she hugged him.  Since then, she has been watching for him every time she walks into a  room and keeps asking questions about where he lives, what his favorite color is, if she can draw him a picture, and that she wants to thank him for eating our terrible mosquitos.  Listening to her talk about our adopted spider, made me realize how much we have really put our personalities into her.  It makes me happy.


I have always enjoyed it.  Seems more personal that Facebook with people who inspire you, and occasionally, you even get a reply from people who would never normally contact you!  I am, of course, referring to my favorite author Jacqueline Carey who has replied to a couple of my tweets. 

Well, I finally actually got the point of Twitter in the last couple of weeks.  I got a random new follower, and since she was an author, I followed her back.  Her tweets were hilarious and I was soon replying and having convos with her.  I decided to buy one of her books and actually enjoyed it despite the fact that I do not normally enjoy romance books if there is not a huge plot accompanying it.  I posted my review to her Twitter and she said that I made her day and that she is sending me an autographed book!  Besides that, she understands my wanting to become an eccentric hermit with an alpaca.  She is the only person to have even pretended to understand it besides my absolute best friend, who helpfully suggested badgers instead of alpacas.  I forget her reasoning, but when she told me, it had sound reasoning behind it. Nonetheless, I am stuck on Alpacas.  I also connected with a lady who I’ve been talking to at work and think that I have possibly found a new friend.  Twitter has been showing me that my taste in companions has changed and that I don’t necessarily need new friends, but the ones I do make better be awesome.  I also feel super special about getting my first autographed book!  It is about darn time. 🙂



So, I am off to go cuddle my couch.



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