Late Night Discussions Part 1

It is part 1 because I am trying to make sure that I record these more often and that I make them happen more often.

In the beginning of living with the hubby, we would stay up for hours talking and laughing.  We’d get punchy and we’d come up with the most ridiculous things ever.  Most of our inside jokes are based on these conversations or conversations we’ve had during bad sci-fi movies.

So, last night we were both tired and had already taken some sleep aids, so we were both a little goofy feeling. I got on Amazon and was looking at stuffed animals.  I love fuzzy, cuddly things.  Ty stared over my shoulder.  For some reason, on my phone, there were ALOT of pokemon stuffed animals, and also dragons.  (For future reference, Ty calls dragons “dargons”.  I am not sure why, he has been like that since we met)

Here goes the conversation:

Ty: Pokémon!  (not yelled, but with a certain amount of exclamation)

Me: Dragon!

Ty: Pokémon!

Me: There was no Pokémon…

Ty: Well, I hadn’t seen one in a minute, so I figured I had a better than average chance.

Me:  Look!  A whale!

Ty:  Don’t you dare buy a whale!

Me: Dragon!

Ty: Dargon, twice! Two dargons.

Me: Narwhal!  (skimming past it)

Ty: Wait, go back!  I wanna see the narwhal.

Me: You are afraid of whales.

Ty: Not narwhals.  You could buy a narwhal.

Me:  You’re weird.  I want a seahorse.

Ty: No pink seahorses.  That is the first step to me being overrun by pink things in my bedroom.

Me: So, no pink lemur dressed like a pirate?

Ty: *thoughtful look*  Fine, but no pink seahorse. Find a different color.

Me: Fine…. *pouty face*

Ty:  All these dragons make me want to play something with dragons.  Look!  I found a Pokémon type dragon game. 

Me: *Sigh* Fine, good night.


*45 minutes later*

Me: Can you please turn off the light and cuddle with me?

Ty: Hang on!  Dargons!

*15 minutes later”

Me: *lonely, with no cuddles” Ty….

Ty: Fine, I guess I’ll give up my game to cuddle.


In the end, I win.  I got him to agree to letting me buy a whale, got snuggles, and I am ordering a pink lemur next week.  Plus, he woke up all motivated and he has started tackling his “Daddy-do” list with a fervor I am jealous of.  Before you go and point this to your hubby/wife/gf/bf/whatever person you have a to-do list going for, I have had some of these things on his list for at least 6 months.  It is about darn time 😉

Share your late night silly discussions, your “person’s” to-do list, or your ultimate wins.  You get extra points if any of these involve dragons, whales, lemurs, or moving major appliances.



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