So, I have had a “down” week. 

I’m over it.

I am going to watch some Star Trek with my hubby, I am going to blow bubbles with my daughter, I am going to desperately try to catch up with my homework.

I am going to start doing stuff.

I am going to start planning stuff. 

How can I expect to be happy if I don’t do something to make it happen?

Water gun battles, beach picnics, bubble blowing afternoons, strolls downtown, foam sword fights…anything I can think of.   Stuff that will be epic and easy.  Stuff that I don’t have to stress over.  Stuff that will help me get exercise, get me out of the house, get me surrounded by some awesome people. 

I can do this, I will be happy.  Even, if I have to kidnap happy and hold it hostage in chains in my basement until it cooperates. 

Day 1 of the rest of my summer. 

Today, I get myself psyched up, and make plans.  Also, I have to catch up on school stuff tonight.  Can’t have fun if I ignore my responsibilities. 

I am going to do this. 



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