A Hamster, An Over-Priced Cage, and the Printer That Wasn’t

I have some pretty terrible impulse control.  Whether it is binge-eating noodles, buying a stuffed animal off of Amazon, or deciding that I need a pet.

So, for Fourth of July, we were out at my family’s place, and we found a teensy, tiny frog.  He was adorable and I named him Robert.


Well, then, Ty and I got in a fake argument about me coming home on Saturday with a pet.  Except, I really did want a pet, and I wanted one NOW!  So, after work on Saturday, we went with my bestie to buy books and a hamster. 

He is adorable.  He is cuddly (he fell asleep in my hands when I picked him up the first time).  He has and awesome name, Fitzherbert, and I am pretty sure it isn’t pregnant.  It may be narcoleptic and have OCD, though.  Which is fine, we all have our issues….

So, after my impulse was satisfied, I looked on Amazon for add-ons to his cage.  Turns out, if I had slowed down, did some research, I could have gotten just about everything I bought at the store for about half the price on Amazon.  Also, we really need a printer. 

This morning, when I woke up, I apologized to Ty for being impractical.  We needed a printer, and I bought a hamster with an overprice home on a whim.

He laughed at me.  I was offended for a second, until actually spoke.

“What would have made you more happy, a printer or the hamster?”

Of course, it was the hamster (even though I really, really need a printer for my grand recipe book idea).  He is epic. 

So, next time, I will cuddle Fitzherbert, not buy on impulse and get a printer.  Or maybe buy something awesome for Ty.  I mean, we went to video game store before the pet store and Whimzy ended up getting something.  So not fair for him.


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