Just cleaned out Fitzy’s cage today for the first time.  I rearranged a few things because he was sleeping under his water bottle and getting wet.  Wet hamsters aren’t cute, just in case you were wondering.

Now, he has a bunch of extra room.  He right away burrowed into his bedding and occasionally comes out for food or you can see the bedding shifting as he gets into a more comfortable position.  If he isn’t moving, you don’t even know he is in the cage. 

It makes me want to pile every blanket and pillow that is in the apartment on my bed, and burrow in with my AC going full blast.  Bring in a flashlight, have my phone on charge and snaked in through a crack, and store a few books in there, and I’m good. 

It won’t happen, though.  Not because I wouldn’t totally do it, but because if I did, Whimzy would take it over and I’d be really upset.  She’d probably even bring her xylophone, which totally defeats the purpose of me burrowing into a mountain of fluffy things. 

Maybe, one day when she starts school again, I will decide to add burrowing to my list of activities.  For the record, Ty isn’t allowed in it either, unless he builds it as a surprise for me. I wish I could draw because I have this ridiculous image in my head of what it would look like on the outside and the inside.

Well, I work obnoxiously early, so I am starting to get ready to put Whimzy to bed and get ready for my own bedtime!

Sweet dreams all!



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