Epic Summer: Part 1, Flop

Nobody showed up for the bubble party 😦

I mean, we still had fun, especially Whimzy.  We even made it to the church festival before the rain hit.  Whimzy won a goldfish, which she named “Goldfish”.  He is in a tank and hasn’t died yet.  Then, we went and got ice cream, which I didn’t eat because I had cheese fries at the festival.

Whimzy had a great day, which is good.  I wouldn’t have cancelled it, even knowing nobody was coming, because she had a good time. 

I was a bit disappointed after the bubble party, though, and it kind of sent me into a little bit of a sad mood, then being at my old church sort of made me a little more sad.  Not to mention a guilt trip I was given when I saw somebody and they realized that I hadn’t baptized my daughter.

I don’t really plan on going back to church, but the ritual is comforting. It hardly EVER changes.

I’m feeling a bit better today.  A lot is changing in the next few weeks, so I need to focus on that stuff.

I’m also not giving up.  I will be continuing my Epic Summer Events.  I get my whole work schedule tomorrow, and will be planning something for next weekend.  Beach picnic?  Actually, I think I am going to go set it up now…


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