Unemployed and Goal-Oriented

I had to quit my job.  Which, honestly, sucks.  It was a fun job, and it gave me book money.  My supplement for mad cash will involve needles…bleh.  (Plasma donation, people!)

So, until I can start looking for something again (AKA, when the job that has benefits and makes us our rent money has a reliable schedule), I need goals.  Otherwise I shall fall into a daily monotony that will shrivel my soul and slowly drain me of any sort of human existence.  

So, here are my goals for the foreseeable future:

*Catch up on book goal! 

*Do everything that is posted on my project list on my fridge, except for the hubby’s projects.

*Lose another 10 lbs.

*Learn how to crochet.

*Be more active with Whimzy.

*Start networking in my chosen field of study.

*Work on my resume and LinkedIn profile.

*Keep my apartment ALOT more tidy than it has been lately.

*Start journaling again.

*Ace my last two classes of my Bachelor’s program.

*Figure out grad school.


I am sure there is more that I will pile on as time goes on, but it certainly is enough to keep me busy for the next few months. 


Also, I want to thank everybody for the kind comments and all of the likes for my last post.  I hope my insights can not only help me through the rough patches, but hopefully help others, also!

So, now that I have actually had comments (woo-hoo!), anybody want to chime in and share your goals for the rest of the summer?




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