Rare Moments of Happy Fuzzy

This morning, I woke up full of optimism and perk.  I set my goals out for the rest of the week and today in bright ink and munched on my healthy breakfast.

Then, I saw Ty laying on the couch playing on his phone and I took the rare chance to crawl on him and cuddle.  I felt safe and perfect.  I fell asleep, and even after he moved, I just snuggled into my mountain of pillows on the couch and fell asleep.  It felt amazing. 

Then I received the rare pleasure of having Ty exfoliate my neck to get my hair dye off of it.  It was like a crazy good massage.

And now, I have to get ready to tackle my goals for the day.  I generally stay in pj pants on days like this; days when I will be cleaning and running around.  I chose a pair of comfy, fuzzy pj pants. 

These pants represent my mood.  I am comfortable and happy fuzzy. 

Happy fuzzy is very different from anxious fuzzy.  I very rarely have this feeling and I find it hard to get moving.  I just want to bask in how this feels.  So, for a bit, I think I will.  I am going to enjoy watching Star Trek with Ty and make myself some espresso to get going when he starts getting ready for work. 

At this moment, I  am content and wish I felt this way more often.


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