Seemingly Boring

This weekend has been all about cleaning, errands, a friend’s daughter’s birthday party, and doing responsible things. 

There were no parties, no epic summer activities, or really anything worth note.  Well, except my daughter’s new alter ego, Whimzy Marvelous.  That really wasn’t an activity, though, that was mostly just her running around in a cape, a mask, rainboots, and a dress asking us if we needed help then steadfastly refusing to help clean.  In a few minutes I will be throwing away her play-doh because she didn’t pick it up when asked.  Harsh, I know, but trust me… 

I digress….my Saturday included 3 hours of cleaning her bedroom.  3 excruciating hours of fantasies of not having a child and going and buying a giant box of garbage bags and laughing maniacally as I threw everything away. Her room is clean, and she actually has kept it clean for almost 24 hours now, which is almost a miracle.  If it lasts for more than 48 hours, I may consider going to church or finding religion. 

And today? I still have cleaning to do, homework to do, and some random organizing to do. 

Yep, pretty boring. 

You know what?  I don’t care.  This is my life.  I have responsibilities.  In fact, next weekend is going to be so awesome-packed that all of this coming week is going to be jam packed with responsibility and doing things that need to get done before I can enjoy a mostly responsibility free weekend. 

I guess it is a trade-off.  It can’t always be Epic Summer.  In order for me not to have bugs in my apartment, or have nice things, I have to take care of things.  I have to keep up on my school stuff, I have to keep my apartment clean, I have to keep Whimzy from taking over the world, I have to care for my husband, and I have to take care of Fitzherbert.  I also have to worry about my future and my mom.  I have to make sure that I keep up with my friends. 

All of these things, seemingly boring that take up my life sometimes.  It is part of my life, though, and I don’t think that I would change any of it, unless I won the lottery, then I would change ALOT of it 😉  Maids, indoor pools/hot tubs, personal trainers…. *le sigh*

Well, I am off to go clean some more.  Probably work on homework, too.  Oh, and throw away my kid’s play-doh.  She is not going to call my bluff, because I am not freaking bluffing!!!! GRRR!!! 

*deep breath*

Well, I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend, even if it was boring, or even if you had an epic, action packed weekend!  If yours was epic, let me live vicariously through you and tell me what you did!  If it was a standard, responsible weekend, let me know how you felt about it




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