Biker Babe for a Day

I finally got to go out riding with my aunt and uncle who are avid Harley riders.  We were out from 9 am to 4 pm.  I got some color, and I bought some Harley clothes to fit in with the group, and rode on the back of a bike.  It was amazing.  I got some awesome pictures, and I got a day out doing something that just I wanted to do.  Hubby is not into motorcycles and obviously I am not bring my 4-year old with. 

I missed my hubby insanely.  There were a couple times when he sent me pictures of their “Daddy-Daughter date” that I wished I was with them, but in the end, I bonded with my family and had an amazing time. 

It was something that I had never really done, and I am so glad that I did.  So glad, in fact, that I am planning on going on a benefit ride in September 🙂  Now, I am home, and then am heading back out tomorrow morning to go spend more time with my family! 

And, since I did get a little red, I got to come home and get rubbed down with aloe by the hubby.  It was a pretty perfect day. 

Also, fun fact about me:  I once named a hamster after Princess Diana, and then it turned out that she was a crazy, biting, urinating rodent and we had to return her.  We ended up with a  hamster named Kenny.  She is the only time I have ever picked a bad hamster.  Just noting this because. I just got some quality cuddle and watch Ty play video games with Fitzherbert and he is amazing.  I have a talent for picking out hamsters.  Yes, that is a talent.  Don’t argue with me, damn it!  I may even put it on my resume.


Oh, btw, I had my best day for getting follows recently!  Now, only if you lurkers would start commenting….. 😉


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