In Shock

“…died of an apparent suicide.” 

Robin Williams.

I’m in shock.

I keep waiting for a point in my life that I feel proud enough of myself, or have enough self esteem, or feel stable enough that my depressive episodes are not going to make me feel so hopeless, so full of despair.  I’ve woken up  in the past in a hospital after taking too many pills or drinking myself numb.  I felt like such a failure, lower than low.

If a person so universally loved and successful as Robin Williams can give into his demons, then what hope is there for the rest of us?

I just want anybody who reads this to think about that next time you question somebody who has mental health issues.   It is a sickness, that even doing all of the right things won’t always make it better.  Neurochemicals are difficult to adjust, and despite their situation, a person may be in for a lifetime of suffering through emotional issues. 

Mental illness needs to be taken seriously. It can be as serious as a visible illness, such as cancer.  It can be fatal, as we just saw with Robin Williams.  Depression is real. Anxiety is real.  We aren’t doing for attention or for sympathy.  We are sick. 

It is time for people to start taking the issue seriously. Don’t dismiss somebody’s mental illness as something they can “get over”. They may not be able to, despite their best efforts. 

Be kind, smile at people, be understanding. It may brighten a person’s day who desperately needed some sunshine in their life.


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