Skewed Perceptions

First of all, I still haven’t found the words for my recent “crisis”.  Once I do, and I can do the experience justice, it will be posted.

That being said, I may be taking on a new diagnosis that could help treat my various issues.  I don’t know for sure yet, so I won’t quite share that yet, but both have “impaired perceptions” in their symptoms.

Right now, my life looks amazing, messy, but wonderful.  I, on the other hand, am not feeling so great.  It isn’t a crisis night, but it isn’t a good night either.  I want to go paint with my family and enjoy it, but I am too emotional and I don’t want to contaminate their good time.

I have wonderful family, wonderful friends, and an all around pretty great life.

I don’t feel wonderful, though.


Clouded views.

Seeing everything through a haze of emotion.

Plus, then I saw a couple articles about Robin Williams, and that made me cry harder.  Every time I think about him, it hurts.

Here is to therapy, meds, and more understanding of mental illnesses.


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