As promised, here is a lighter, funnier post!

My 4 year old said some crazy stuff, and this is just a quick list of a few things she has said.  Some should be thought about deeply, because she is actually kind of right.

* “I am not a pillow because I have legs!”

* “I don’t need a time-out, I’m better now.”

* “Look!  Nakie dance, nakie dance!”

* “My doll is dirty, I need a bath.”

* Me: Whimzy, get out of the bathroom!

Whimzy: I am cleaning my germs!

* “I was good, I should have donuts for dinner.”

* While my couple friends were babysitting her :

Whimzy: Are you guys married?

Friend:  No, not yet.

Whimzy: So you’re just sleeping together.  (Disclaimer, she obviously meant actually sleeping)

* Talking to one of my friends about going downtown:

Friend:  We’re going to go downtown.

Whimzy:  Is there an uptown?

Friend: Yes, but we’re going downtown.

Whimzy:  I’ve been on the bottom, but I would like to go to the top.

I’m sure she had said more.  I really need to start writing them down.

Any awesome kid-isms you have?


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