Brain Animal

My utterly amazing husband came up with a concept today.

Instead of a spirit animal, a brain animal.

He claims his brain animal is a lightning dragon with bipolar and ADD. He claims this because of how fast his thoughts change and rage and how rapidly they change and evolve.  He came up with this in order to try to explain to me what his thought process is like.

It got me to thinking about my “brain animal”.  I thought it might be a unicorn, but after carefully thinking about it and a suggestion from my husband, I decided that my brain animal is a panda.  More specifically, it is a schizophrenic bipolar panda with self esteem issues.  It has three separate personalities that seem to clash and cause a fourth personality to emerge when the other three cannot figure it out on their own.   The three clashing personalities are sexy panda, apron panda, and eccentric scholar hermit panda.  When these three class, then avoidance panda comes out.  The avoidance panda basically just lays there and eats.  Oh, and for clarification, apron panda is like Martha Stewart panda.  On a perfect Panda day, I am able to be all three at some point.  I rarely have those, though.  I am working on the balance of my panda.  Coincidentally, I have terrible balance, all pandas aside.

This is an idea I may flesh out and bring up again.  I might have hubby illustrate my panda and her multiple dimensions.  Also, do not think that I am taking mental illness lightly. I have several pretty serious diagnosis of my own that I am dealing with.

So, I am going to go make dinner and make apron panda happy, then watch some more vampire movies and make my eccentric school hermit panda happy, then yeah…I won’t go into what happens after that.

Today was a good day, bordering on perfect.


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