Authors You Should Know

There are some authors that I really enjoy reading.

Granted, my goal for books read this year is down to 90 from104 last year, but before you judge, it is sill 1.7 books a week!

Okay, here they are:

Darynda Jones

Jaqueline Carey

Jax Cassidy (not only is she an awesome author, she is a genuinely nice person!  We’ve actually spoken on Twitter!)

Janet Evanovich

Karen Marie Moning

Piers Anthony

Jus thought I would throw this out there!  Also, I cannot stress how much I love  GoodReads!  Check out my profile and the other books that I’ve read and loved.  It helps me keep my book addiction organized.  Well, Goodreads and my soulmate, Amanda.  She definitely deserves some recognition here.  Also she is obviously an over achiever, with a book goal of 130 this year. 😉

P.S.  Duh, my Goodreads link:


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