Grad Schools, Alpacas, and Crocheting

I just started applications at two schools for my master’s degree.


My heart is racing and I feel like I might be actually moving forward in some part of my life.

The one program includes two 6 day residencies out of state. What?!?  Plus internships.  I can feel myself getting anxious, but excited at the same time.

Getting my bachelor’s didn’t give me the feeling that I thought I would get from it.  Maybe once I am actually helping people and working in my field.  I have a job application that I will be working on this week, also. It is only part time, but it will give me some feeling of productivity and experience in my field.

*deep breath*

This is just one more step to having multiple degrees and being a reclusive alpaca famer scholar.  After this degree?  Obviously a degree on something related to alpacas.

If I had an alpaca right now, I’d be cuddling him and binge watching NCIS.  Probably crocheting, too.

On side note, I really want to learn how to crochet.  Anybody willing to help?


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