7 Days

It has been an entire week.

An entire week of feeling good.

What?!  There were a few moments that I could feel my depression and anxiety lingering underneath the surface, but they never showed their faces.

I am stretching my comfort zone and trying to not expect the crash.

I am buying happy journals, focusing on my grad school future, enjoying cooking every night, and look forward to down time with my family after dinner.

I am smiling for no reason.

I have a pirate alpaca.

I find myself dancing around the kitchen as I clean.

*deep breath*

Is this what it feels like to be “normal”?

Well, I am diving in headfirst.  I am already planning Epic Summer #2 2015, family days, things to do that are out of the norm for me, and am getting excited about plans that I have this week.

Night out with some of my favorite ladies, my favorite holiday, and celebrating one of my favorite men’s fiftieth birthday.  Oh, and Oreo rice Krispie treats tomorrow 🙂

I just feel like I need to write as much as I can and record this amazing feeling, so that next time I have a depressive episode that I can look back and remember that my brain is completely capable of being happy. I can be excited without anxiety, happy without shadows, and look forward to every moment.


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