Please. Read This.

I have been right where you are.  I have wanted to give up.  I have wanted to end it all.

 I don’t know what brought you to this point.  I don’t know if you’re crying or staring blankly at the screen.  I don’t know if you’ve already written a note or searching the internet is a final try for somebody to touch you and change your mind.

I’ve stared at suicide prevention sites.  I’ve popped pills. I’ve been in the hospital. It was terrible. The entire thing.

But before you take those pills or that knife, or whatever you are thinking of doing, please stop a second.

I survived. You can, too.  It is going to be so hard.  It might not seem worth it at first.  It will be, I promise.

Call someone.

If you live in southeastern Wisconsin, the crisis number is (262) 657-7188.  They are great.  I’ve used them before.

Live somewhere else or want a national line? 1-800-723-8255 (

These people can help you through this absolutely terrible feeling you are having.  Calling and asking for help doesn’t make you weak, it means you are stronger than you could ever possibly imagine.  Please.  Try one more time.  Just last through the day, or through the night.  It will get better.


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