Couple things that I have been thinking about lately.  They are things that eat away with me until I get them out, so here I go, getting them out!

My mom.  Whimzy and I visited her yesterday and have plans to go again tomorrow. She has been depressed and not eating, so she has lost some weight.  I just wish I could show my husband and daughter the Patti that I grew up with.  I wish they could see most of the people that I grew up with. It makes me sad.  I am grateful for my family and I love my life, I just miss my mom.

Depression is not like the flu.  I just can’t “get over” it.  Also, two weeks of feeling well does not mean I am all better.  It is an amazing step forward, and I need to remember how great it felt, but it is not over.  On the other hand, just because I feel bad right now doesn’t mean that I will feel this way forever.  There are ups and downs, but I need to ride out the downs and remember the ups.

Ah, well, maybe I’ll feel better now.  I really just want noodles, a bunch of pillows, fuzzy blankets, and some blankets. See you guys when some more inspiration inspires me.


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