World Book Day!

Woo-hoo! A day that celebrates one of my favorite things!  The only thing that would make this better is if I found out it was World Noodle Day, too!

So, here are my questions to you:

Whatcha reading?  Are you reading it in print or on an ereader?

Personally, I’m reading “Burned” by Karen Marie Moning 🙂

Also, challenge of the week:

Add your fave author on Twitter and let them know how much you love their stuff!  My favorite author has responded to me and I’ve made some author friends on Twitter!  It really is a great way to communicate with people who normally wouldn’t respond.

Respond in the comments and tell me how it went and what book you’re reading!

Excuse me while I go sniff a book and make some tea 😉


4 thoughts on “World Book Day!

  1. I’m now kind of sad I missed World Book Day. I guess technically I was celebrating it by reading three books at the same time. In fact I’m still working on all three. They are: Sesame Street & The Reform of Children’s Television by Robert Morrow, Poking A Dead Frog (interviews and essays edited by Mike Sacks), and Let’s Hear It For A Beautiful Guy by Bruce Jay Friedman.
    I also just finished Blood Child by Octavia Butler which has whetted my appetite for more of her work.
    I guess you could say I’m kind of an eclectic reader.

      • Octavia Butler definitely. I picked up her book because I was on a bit of a science fiction kick and also I enjoy short stories, and enjoyed them so much I’m going to move to her novels soon.
        Working in a library as I do makes it fun to be an all over the place reader, but also overwhelming. I never want to leave a book unfinished, but no matter how much I’m enjoying one there are so many others calling my name.

  2. I don’t work in a library, but I do frequent a tea shop/used bookstore that means I always have way too many books on my “to read” pile. Then, everytime I make a dent in it, I buy more books.

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