What Is The Point?

I’m sober, but there is a bottle of tequila on my counter that could change that.

If everybody already thinks I am drunk, why not be?

I am just so confused and sad.  I don’t know where to go or who to talk to.I have a friend on my couch to make sure I don’t do something stupid.  I honestly just am struggling not to give up on everything right now.  I am struggling to live.  I am struggling to want to breathe.

I am going to curl up on my couch and wait for sunshine, because there is absolutely nothing else can do.  Just wait for there to be some brightness in the dark.


One thought on “What Is The Point?

  1. I hope the sunshine comes soon. I’m not going to offer empty platitudes or suggestions to make things better. That would be an insult.

    And not everyone thinks you’re a drunk. I hope that’s not an empty platitude or worthless suggestion. I hope it’s a very small, faint ray of sunshine.

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