This is the third draft of a blog I started.  I tried one for my birthday and one for Mother’s Day.  Neither one sounded like me, they sounded very mechanical.

My emotional state has been insane lately.  Extreme highs countered by longer extreme downs. It is like one of those crazy cartoon roller coasters that have crazy stunts in the middle and sometimes end up shooting into space.

The high moments have gone from extreme happiness and energy to a sense of deep contentment.

The lows have gone from crying to not being able to make myself get out of bed.

Ah, the joys of recovery.

I do remember every day, though, and I know that I am working on something awesome.  I am recovering not only from alcoholism, but I am trying to recover from over a decade of emotional issues and learning how to deal with life in a healthy, constructive way.

So, I am working on Vitamin G, gratitude.  I made a list of the things in my life that I am grateful for, including some silly ones that make my everyday life better.

*My family.  I love Sunday family days out in Bristol.

*Ty.  Our relationship has interesting, but I love him and crawling in bed with him at night seems like my favorite part of the day.

*Whimzy.  Her quirkiness, intelligence, and snuggles make me strive to be better everyday.

* Noodles

*Sparkles, my new hamster who likes to squeak at me.

* Spring breezes.

* My friends.

*Good books

*Inspirational, silly stuff on Pinterest.

*Spice Girls




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