2 Years Into Forever

Let’s face it.  I am a hot mess.

I’m impulsive, have issues with alcohol, depression, and anxiety.

I seek instant gratification and my dream is to become a hermit alpaca scholar in a little cottage surrounded by books and pillows.  I have weird obsessions with gnomes, kinkajous, and sometimes am afraid to leave my apartment.  I forget about the real world when I read a book, and eat way too many noodles.

Yet, despite all of my shortcomings and weirdness, I found somebody who will discuss the legalities of stealing an alpaca versus trying to steal a lemur.  Not only will he put up with me when my crazy shows, he helps me become a better person every, single day.

He supports me through everything and takes more stress on himself so that I can work on myself.  He supports my book habit, snuggles me, and helps coax me out of my comfort zone to enjoy life.

He makes me giggle, stands up for me, and even at my lowest, he seems to see my potential.

He loves watching movies with me, and is the greatest father I have ever seen.  He looks amazing with a tiara on. He doesn’t mind when I cuddle my besties and he sometimes joins in.  He is privy to my girl talk and doesn’t mind when I need their cuddles and love, or when they need me.

His sense of humor kills me, his kisses make me feel like I am home.  Every dream I have of this life and the next revolve around him.

I know that I am difficult to deal with sometimes, and I know that I have a long way to go before I become the person that I want to be, but I know that I have a lover next me for every step of the way; supporting me, loving me, and helping me grow.  What else could I want out of a soul mate?


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