Heroines, Inner Demons, and a Netflix Recommendation

I read a lot of books.  Most of those books have a heroine that ends up saving the day with kick ass moves, an overly masculine lover, and usually special powers.

They inspire me, but I know that I am not a heroine.  I could never fight, or go boldly into confrontation.

I am more like a hobbit, that never has possession of the ring.  My battles are in my own head.  The things that calm me are movie nights, long books, cuddles, and cooking dinner.  I may have characteristics of those bold ladies, like an awesome sense of humor and an open mind, but I choose to be happy without being a heroine.  A hamster named Sparkles, a nice bookcase, and bingeing Criminal Minds on Netflix.

Maybe, someday when I look back and want to write about my life, I will consider myself a heroine.  I am facing my inner demons, but am still in engaged in that battle.  If I win, then maybe I will be a heroine.

At the moment, I am basking in the warmth of cuddles from my daughter, kisses from my husband, and am glad that my demons are silent for a bit.

Side note:  After a weekend of binge movie watching with my husband, I highly recommend “Stonehearst Asylum” on Netflix.  I am adding it too my favorite movies list.

Tell me what you think your heroic traits are; those things that when you look back at your life that you will say that you won the battle?


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