Lemurs, Kangaroos, and Vicious Cycles

I had an amazing weekend.  It was desperately needed after a 2 week depressive episode.

 I got some projects done, did some lemur cuddling, and spent time with family.

Wait…yes, you read that right, lemur cuddling.

Photographic evidence:


Let us notice that not only is it a lemur, it is a baby lemur!  SQUEE!!!  Also, I would like you to not notice the fact that I desperately need to start yoga more vigorously or lay off my boredom eating.

But, wait, there is more!  A baby kangaroo snuggled me.  Her name was Penny, and yes, I do have some more photographic evidence, so nice of you to ask.


*le sigh*

It was amazing. It is likely that I will move into that petting zoo and they will have to call the police, a hilarious chase including kangaroo hijinks will ensue.

On a more serious note, coming out of a depressive episode to feel a little bit stable is amazing, and having a good time with my family as well as being productive makes it all worth while.  Unfortunately, as a great blogger once said “depression lies” (credit to The Bloggess!), and when I am in those ruts, the dishes pile up, laundry becomes mountains, and everything compounds because I don’t feel like I can handle getting out of bed, let alone accomplish anything.  Then, once I am out of the episode, I want to get everything done, overwhelm myself, and end up putting myself back into an episode.  It felt like I was fighting a losing battle.  And, lo! An epiphany.  As I thought about all of this (mindful exercises are amazing!) I realized that maybe if I can think more positively and not get overwhelmed, then maybe I won’t fall into the cycle as easily. It made me smile.  It gave me an angle to attack this issue.  I am grateful for the piece of mind that comes with some logical thinking and well placed optimism.

By the way, in case you are interested, the petting zoo is called Bear’s Den, it is located in Waterford, WI, and here is their website: http://www.beardenzoo.com/

I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area.  Not only is a great place to visit, they also offer help for the DNR and take in rescued animals and hire people with developmental disabilities to help take care of the animals!


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