Silliness and Compatibility

One of the many things that I absolutely love about my life is my living area and the freedom that comes from having a partner that agrees with me on décor and is a little silly.

Case and point:  When my hubby was younger, him and some friends were at a DQ and noticed a smoking chair sitting out back for the employees.  Driven by whatever drives young men to do strange things, they stole the chair.  The chair then went through being a piece of furniture in what was basically a frat house and experienced its fair share of abuse.  Eventually the chair broke in half.  Straight down the middle.  My hubby then used them to cover a hole in the wall from a night of drunken sliding on a pledge lubed floor.  By the time I moved in, this poor piece of broken furniture just sat there.  Then, I decided I could use it as a cool piece of decoration and it moved with us to our new apartment.  Lo and behold our split chair!


It has since then turned into a cute little way to decorate a wall that doesn’t have a lot of space. I have placed pictures, flowers, and books on it to round out the décor.  I am considering painting them, but haven’t decided on the colors yet.

Do you have any junk that you turned into some awesome décor?  Share pics in the comments!


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