I read through my past blog posts and I realized that I was being a bit repetitive and kind of threw a pity party for myself.

Well, guess what? I have caffeine every morning and write in my gratitude journal every morning to work on my optimism.

And you know what?  I think it is working!  I walked into an aftercare meeting at the place that I went to therapy. I walked into the room and was greeted with hugs from people who were there through my early recovery and saw me at my worst and still encouraged me and were excited to see me.

It made me glad that I chose to go into recovery and turn my life around.  I am spending more productive time with my daughter, I am working on my relationship with my family, I strengthening my marriage, and I am being more consistent with housework.

Using the tools that I have learned through therapy, I will beat my next depressive episode and every time after that, it will get easier.

I can control this disease, and I will control it.

I am lucky, grateful, and elated to be in the mood and place that I am now.

Thank you for putting up with my moods, my self destructive behavior, and my rants.  I hope to turn this blog into something more positive and offer more ideas for self-help and projects.  I also want to be able to convey my passions to everybody!

Again, I am grateful for every body who has stuck with me.  You are amazing, keep that shit up. 😉


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