Points On The Adult Card

A local farm by me does this thing called “crop boxes”.  Basically, you sign up on their website for it, then on the arranged day, you go pay them $10 for about $20 worth of surprise produce.  It is a fun way to use vegetables and fruits that you normally wouldn’t purchase and it saves money on our grocery bill each week.  Well, since it is all freshly picked, it can be difficult using the produce before it goes bad.  So, I guess I am taking up canning.  I bought the starter kit on Amazon, it should be delivered by tomorrow.  Then I am picking up some mason jars at the grocery store.  This week I got a bunch of parsley, cilantro, and dill.  So, I am going to make some salsa, pickles, and possibly some herb infused vinegars.

Canning means I have my shit together, right?  I feel like it should add some points to my “adult card”.  Honestly, I feel like I am lacking in the “responsible adult” category lately.  I mean, sure, my kid hasn’t taken over the world and she does have clean socks, but I feel useless.  I think this is probably the first sign of a depressive episode and I should go do some mindfulness activities and try some positive affirmations.  I am not sure how convincing one’s self not to fall into a depressive episode works.  I don’t think there is enough caffeine in the world to make me not want to take a nap right now.

Regardless, there is laundry to be done, a hamster cage to be cleaned, and dust to be vanquished.  I will push myself through chores, all zombie-like, and then reward myself with some down time.

Looking for some comments today!  You, lurkers who read my blog and never comment…

Anything you do that makes you feel like a productive adult?  Ever canned anything and want to give me some advice?  Ever convinced yourself not to be depressed or stopped yourself from sliding into a depressive episode?  I WANT TO KNOW, TELL ME NOW 😉

Plus, I’ll mail a can of salsa to my favorite comment 😉 I cannot guarantee how good it will be, but it will be homemade!


3 thoughts on “Points On The Adult Card

  1. Cara I absolutely love reading your blog I too can slip into that funk occasionally I find keeping busy hsving a plan each day helps. I try to do what brings me joy ie: cooking, being in nature, playing with the boys and having some down time to recharge. I love powernaps an hour will perk me up for the rest of the day. I have cut out caffeine as that has opposite affect makes me tired. Drink herbal tea iced tea and lots of water caffiene can actually squeeze off our adrenal gland if we drink too much. I know today I need to suit up and show up not just to meetings but also in my day to day life. Hope you find a good balance progress not perfection Cara ~Hugs

    • Thank you, Shelli! I have been drinking a ton of water and am working on drinking more tea! Whimzy and I should come visit you some time soon. We definitely miss you! I am going to a meeting tomorrow morning and am working on getting into some intensive therapy for my depression. As it stands, I am playing with Whimzy and need to clean the hamster cage. 😀 Thank you for reading and you know we love you ❤

  2. Canning sounds like a great idea, i love me some salsa. Avoiding a depressive episode isn’t easy, but acknowledgeing that it is one is a good first step. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. I battle my depression with a positive image of myself and where I want to be, thinking positive creates positivity. Hobbies are the best answer for the war against depression, what makes you tick? What do you like to do? Get in touch with your idols, go to a meet and greet or a book signing. Go to a concert or whatever you like to do, and escape the reality of the daily grind. Find what makes you smile, and do it.

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