Opportunity Rarely Knocks When You Have Pants On!

If you’ve been reading this, you’ll see that I have been spending the last few months focusing on myself.  I have grown a lot and have made some great steps forward.

Well, before I started all of this, I applied for a job at a local social services agency to help me get experience within my field.

This morning, out of the blue, I received a phone call regarding my application.  I called back, doubting if I was ready to consider a job.  I was still curious and did not want to disqualify myself from working there in the future by ignoring a call.  One of the positions fits my schedule perfectly, is part time, gives me experience, and seems to fit right in with what I think my strengths could be.

I have an in-person interview on Friday!

While I was not actively looking for a job, it seems the universe figured I was ready and handed me one that is absolutely perfect.

Getting my pants on and ready to answer the door 😉

I have to admit that I am freaking out a bit and feel like screaming.

I think I am going to go throw on some loud, happy music and dance around.


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