Be Fearless

It was a long, long weekend.  It started on Friday, with me entering a depressive episode and having a job interview after breaking my toe.  I shoved my broken parts into heels and managed to get a second interview!YAY!

Then, while I was giving myself some rest, I got a phone call from my mom’s nursing home.  They used words like “unresponsive”, “stroke, and “DNR”.  I called in the troops, got stuff situated in case Whimzy needed a sitter, and proceeded to sit at the hospital they told me they were sending her to for 45 minutes.  I was at the wrong hospital.  So, I sped to the correct hospital, preparing for the worst.  She was fine.  She was talking and recognized me.  No sign of stroke and the nurses said that she had a minor complication due to her catheter, which is par for the course with my mom.  I was unbelievable relieved, but pissed off.  Obviously some wires had gotten crossed somewhere.

Fast forward through the rest of the weekend, I read 3 books.  I did very little of anything else.  Ty got a food dehydrator that he played with, I finally got my Ninja Blender (omg! It is amazing!).  I muddled through it all stuck in the haze that a depressive episode brings with it.

Finally, today, I woke up not feeling like total crap, but I was not going to push myself, because that is how I put myself right back into an episode.  I’m laying in bed, pondering the universes great mysteries, like why are there no blue fruits?, when the mail lady knocks at my door.  I had completely forgotten that a few months ago, International Delight had messaged me on Twitter asking for my address to send me some goodies because I had posted about having a bad day and needed caffeine.

I absolutely love the spoon!!!  <3

I absolutely love the spoon!!! ❤

This arrived in the mail and it seemed perfect.  I am going to dive into another book and give myself the afternoon alone to enjoy life before I head to therapy.  It really is the small things that make the world so much more bearable.

Get any cool free goodies from social media?  Share!  Especially if there is a trick 😉


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