*deep breath* Calm Down…..

A lot is going on.  99% of it is good.

I got my second interview done with!  I think it went well. I will be hopefully hearing something this week.  *fingers crossed*

*Drum Roll*

We had our first appointment with a realtor.  AAAHHHH!  We have been dragging our feet the last year.  Now that I have some sobriety under my belt, we decided to take the first steps to get a house.  We are going through lists of homes and making appointments with mortgage brokers, all while I dream of having pets, a cuddle area, and more cabinet space in the kitchen.  Thankfully Ty and I want the same things out of our future home, so we haven’t had any disagreements.  The hardest part is going to be making a rational, intelligent decision because we want to be in a house SO BAD!  I want to surprise Whimzy with a puppy and finally have a cat to purr me to sleep.  I want to have more counter space and have enough room to have parties at my place.  My list of demands are pretty short and achievable.  So are Ty’s.  *deep breath*

Everybody send us positive vibes and check out my new Pinterest board devoted to ideas for my new home!

I am in quite the tizzy….


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