Perspectives and Loss

I am re-reading a book series that really got me into epic fantasy when I was a freshman in high school.  I thought that it was the most amazing thing that I had ever read. I had a crush on a character, discussed the series with a friend who I talked to just because he read this series, and had the whole series in hardcover.

It is different now.  I still love it.  My crush is different, and I am comparing it to other series that I have read since then.  It still measures up, but not quite as high as I remember it.  It feels like I am hanging out with a long lost friend while I am reading it.

To be honest, I am writing about something that came to me a couple weeks ago.  This morning, before the sun had cleared the horizon, I found out that my Jagee, grandfather, had passed away in his sleep.  It was peaceful and we knew he had some health issues, but it is still a great loss to my family and I.  I grew up living in the same house as him and he was instrumental in raising me and making me the person I am today.  I had such a great deal of respect for him, as well as growing up amazed at the things he could do, the things he had done, and the things he knew.  He always had the strangest bits of news to share that he got from watching Asian news sources at 1 am.  He danced and sang while he tried to distract us from the fact that he was sneaking an extra piece of cake.  He always gave me the skins from the friend chicken.  He drove me to school in the mornings because I was afraid of the bus.  He was a shoulder to lean on when my grandma and I butt heads.  He was an unshakable man that gave me stability and love through my entire life.  He will be sorely missed and a great part of my life is a lot less wondrous than it was yesterday.

Have fun fishing and hanging out with beautiful Asian women, Jagee!  Also, have some fried chicken 😉

We already miss you.


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