Be A Human Being

I am going to be frank.  Well, I am still Cara, but I am going to be blunt.  You may not like it.

I watched a documentary on addiction and recovery.  They made a startling comparison of diabetes and addiction.  I am no diabetes expert, but basically your body has an unhealthy relationship with sugar, right?  Sometimes, people can just diet and exercise and it takes care of the problem.  If it doesn’t, do we blame them?  Usually not.  Same scenario, but let’s substitute sugar for alcohol.  A person relapses and they are to blame?  This seems silly to me.

No,  I did not relapse.  That isn’t the point of this.  If I had, I would probably still be typing about it, but from a different place.  Thankfully, I am sober and 142 days into recovery.  I am not ashamed to say that, in this form.  I do have some issues telling new people, though.  It feels dirty.  I feel like it is louder than any other of the things that I am or have been.  I won a Mayor’s Youth Commission Award when I was in 8th grade.  I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology.  I had stomach issues for a few years.  I have a problem with alcohol and don’t drink anymore.  Hmm…which one do you think I will be judged negatively for?

Basically, I am reaching out right now, to anybody reading this, please don’t judge people with addiction issues.  The issue is misunderstood enough.  Don’t add to the problem.  If you have a problem, get help.  There are others like you, others who got through it, others who can be inspiring.

Stand up, even if you don’t have addiction issue, as a fellow human being, and be compassionate, be kind, and that kindness could help a person more than you could possibly understand.

Have an inspiring story about recovery?  Please share it!  Post it in the comments, post it when you share this blog, post it in no relation to this blog whatsoever!  Be a voice that helps lead another person into recovery!


2 thoughts on “Be A Human Being

  1. This piece is wonderful. It instills in me that recovery is just not about me,or the suffering inside the circle. It’s about the suffering outside the circle, the babies who will be born addicted to alcohol and or drugs. The thought of some child living with the same type of pain and suffering is very sad . This author nails it

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